Alexandria Peg trousers from Named Clothing


Püksid ja pluus-23

Some time ago I visited the Named Clothing page  to take a closer look at their famous Jamie Jeans pattern. I don’t know why, but I have this urge to make my own jeans 🙂 But then I found out that Named had published their new spring/summer collection called Ticket from where I found Alexandria Peg Trouser pattern. Peg trousers are my other obsession. It is hard to find a pattern, that fits right. Alexandria pattern seemed the closest what I had in mind – not too baggy at the leg, quite fitted around bottom 🙂

Püksid ja pluus-20

So I bought the Alexandria Peg Trousers pattern and with the help of my nine-year old daughter, we assembled the pattern. So far, the only print-at-home PDF patterns I have worked with are the Sewaholic ones. When assembling the pages I am always confused – you have to cut the excessive paper to tape the pages together. But should the frame be cut away, cut in the middle of or should the frame be incorporated? In other words, when the pattern is taped/glued together, should I see the frames of the pages? Because I find it hard to match the patterns – I usually have to cut some pages in half between the actual pattern pieces to get both pieces right.

Püksid ja pluus-5

The Named patterns are for “average” height woman who is 172 cm. As I am short, I decided to  shorten the pattern body and leg.  I made the mistake of choosing a geometric pattern fabric for muslin. The pattern was too distracting and I somehow didn’t see the fitting issues with the muslin. Shortening the pattern in the body part wasn’t the right decision, so when cutting pieces out from the fabric I lengthened the pattern back 🙂

Püksid ja pluus-19

The main fitting issue with these trousers were diagonal lines starting from inseam and going up towards the side seam. I am terrible at fitting pants, but I figured out, that the problem is too long inseam/too short side seam. As I couldn’t lenghten the side seam, I scooped the centre front and back waistline (quite dramatically, 4-5 cm) and also deepened the crotch.  That made the situation better but not perfect. I decided to leave them as they are – not perfect, because there wasn’t anything else I could do.  When I was ready to do the hemming, I decided to make cuffs to make the trousers full length instead of cropped. I got myself white sneakers which I had been craving for and I thought they would look great with my new trousers when they are full length.

I am in love with the front pockets and how the pleat covers the pocket opening. Well, I love everything about this pattern, it is just pity that my body type is not standard they consider.

Püksid ja pluus-24

The fabric is really nice rayon/polyester crepe, BUT when I started to cut out the pattern pieces, I noticed that my hands where dyed grey. So I removed all the pattern pieces and washed the fabric. But nevertheless my hands where dyed bluish-grey afterwards when I were constructing the trousers. So later I washed the trousers two times and then soaked in salty water to fix the die. I am crossing my fingers that they will not dye my new white trainers!

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My next goal is to find a trouser pattern that I am satisfied with. I am thinking making myself a foolproof pattern so I don’t have to trial and error every time. Fitting pants is not my favourite 🙂  I sill have the jeans making urge, but I am not sure whether to use some Burda Style pattern or try the Jamie Jeans or maybe Ginger Jeans?

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Named Clothing Jamie Jeans


Closet Case Patterns Ginger Jeans
Burda Style Magazine 3/2014



15 thoughts on “Alexandria Peg trousers from Named Clothing

  1. Love them, they look great. Good luck with your next trousers making adventure, I’ve made the Jamie jeans and they turned out pretty good, and just about to embark on a pair of Gingers!! I would also suggest Simplicity 1696 Amazing fit trousers.


  2. I have admired both these patterns but because I have such success with Jalie Jeans pattern, I have stuck with what I know. I also don’t like fitting trousers so I am working with Jalie Jeans, Sewaholic Thurlows and Papercut Anima. I love your trousers btw. I hope you have the dye issue sorted because they look fantastic.


    1. Thank you, Andrea! I will check out Papercut Anima. I have thought about Thurlows but I am afraid that narrowing them could cause some other fitting issues. And I love your pants from your latest post!


  3. These are lovely, can’t really tell if there are any fitting issues from the pictures but well done for giving it a try and manage to fix part of the fitting.


  4. Hi, I’ve just discovered your blog while googling these trousers – I’m trying to decide which to make next, and I think you have sold me on these. Lovely! I have on,y made one pair of trousers so far, which were the Sew Over It Ultimate Trouser, which I found relatively easy to fit.

    With regards to PDFs, you should cut the frame away. I usually cut away the right hand and bottom frame, leaving the left and top intact. I then stick one piece on top of the left hand frame, joining the pieces so I can’t see any of the frame. Not a great description, I’m afraid but there is a Craftsy post by Marie from A Stitch Odyssey which is free, and which explains this much better than I just did.

    Hope that helps!!


  5. są ochotne odzwierciedlić sumę spowoduj ślubnych, społem z bliskimi, gdyby kalkulują że
    promowanie się na nie spowoduje im stałą przewaga.
    Są ogromnie oschłe i jeśliby no to umiem ukraść – sztywne.
    W 4 wyjątkach na 5 dosadnie zajęte zostawieniem opowiadaj do nazbieranego blasku.


  6. Hi! I also just came across your blog looking for the ultimate slouchy but fitted at the ankle, peg-leg trouser. So slouchy, not messy – but still pulled togethor – lol! These look pretty darn good to me! I would be totally sold 100% by your pictures but it sounds like you are still on the hunt for a perfect pattern?
    I adore your style and I am so glad to have found your blog!


    1. Thank you for your kind words 🙂 Yes, I am still looking for the perfect pattern. But what I found out is that I like this kind of trousers only from the sweatshirt material. Or maybe rayon for summer. I didnt end up wearing those black trousers after all 😦


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