Nightgown dress

Helsingi 2016-63

I made a quick dress for myself. It started with the fabric – I found a piece of rayon that matched my cardigan that I was wearing at the moment and home it came with me. I didn’t have a lot of this fabric so I went for sleeveless dress and I also cut the lower part of the dress crosswise.

Helsingi 2016-58The pattern is from Burda Style Magazine 3/2012. I lengthened the skirt, rose the neckline and also gave 1 cm to the armhole (i.e. I cut 1 cm seam allowance but later finished it with bias binding, therefore it didn’t change). I also skipped these quite bizarre pleats at the back and my dress has no zipper as I can easily pull it over my head.


Burda Style Magazine 3/2012
Burda Style Magazine 3/2012

Helsingi 2016-59

So there it is – simple as nightgown 🙂

Helsingi 2016-55

Helsingi 2016-61Helsingi 2016-62Helsingi 2016-66

5 thoughts on “Nightgown dress

  1. I love your Factory and your Camber dresses (and I’ve looked at lots of versions online–yours are the nicest). I was wondering which sleeve pattern you used to extend the Camber sleeve (or did you draft the sleeve yourself)?

    Thank you very much.


    1. Hi, Jane! Sorry for being so late to answer (I have busy days right now). Thank you! I looked up from my notes, and I used sleeve pattern from BurdaStyle Magazine 2/2014 (similar dress with white collar). here


      1. Oh, great! I’ll try to get that issue. Thanks very much for your reply. Lateness no matter–I’m immersed in busy days myself. Your Camber Dress is exquisite (and thanks for the tip about the Camber sleeve being unextendable–I would’ve tried that myself) and your Factory Dress is the most beautiful rendition I’ve seen, and the coat–oh my goodness! Do you have a subscription? I didn’t see a link on your site. Well, I’ll just keep checking in for inspiration. Thanks so much, again!


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