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Uniform cardigan. Inari dress. Reyna shawl. And one cardigan fail :)


When I saw the Uniform book preview for the first time I knew right I away that I really want to have that book. I like the concept of making clothes that you would actually wear every day. I do like to sew dresses, but  I don’t wear them every day. But tunics and cardigans are the best companions for jeans which we all love so much!


But then I started to contemplate. Do I need a pattern to knit a simple raglan cardigan? No. Do I need a new basic set in sleeve pattern to make this tunic? No. Do I already have all the knowledge and recourses to make similar cardigan and tunic? Yes.

But I still couldn’t get this book out of my mind. The style and photographs are so simple and fresh. I found myself going to the Makingzine site over and over again. And then I thought that not only the knowledge and the patterns are important to make something. It is even more important to have the inspiration. For me, a good visual is so important. And the feeling of holding a book in your hands is something else than scrolling Instagram.

So that is how I justified spending my money on something I actually didn’t need so much but wanted so much 🙂


I started knitting the cardigan even before the postman brought me the book because I was sent the e-book some weeks before the actual launch of the book. Really nice!


I used an unknown yarn I had purchased some years ago from Alevig. It was a real bargain. Something like 17 euros for the whole cone and the composition is wool and silk. This yarn is not soft by any means but it is not itchy either. The best word to describe it is rustic. I have worn the cardigan with a long-sleeved shirts so far and haven’t had any issues of itchiness with it.


So I made the A-line, dropped back, simple 2×2 rib hem, tapered sleeve and simple 2×2 rib neckline version. As I completed this cardigan several weeks ago, I don’t remember whether I chose the smallest or the second smallest size…. I think I used 4 mm needles. It is amazing how easily one forgets such details 🙂


I really like how this came out and I would like to make some more. There are so many options in the book that it was quite hard to decide. I think that I would like to make my next one from a fingering weight yarn.


I absolutely love this yarn! Those yellow silk nepps are so subtle but add so much.

Now there is left a tunic to make, but right now I have some dresses (ha-ha) to make. But my mother has a jubilee and right now I am making a Kalle shirt dress for my daughter. And then some Ateliere Brunette Stardust for me 🙂Unfiform-12Unfiform-6

Two months ago I finished my Named Clothing Inari Tee dress. I made it specially for my first trip to Paris in the end of February/beginning of March, but it was so cold there (snowing) that I wore it only when going there and on the last day.


Alterations that I did was lengthening the dress and I also graded the size 36 top part to size 38 lower part. I also lined the dress as I want to wear it also with tights and I cannot stand when my dress clings to my legs.


I chose a linen (or maybe it is lined/cotton blend) fabric I bought from the Abakhan Fabrics which sells fabric remnants by kilo. Although it is linen or linen mix, I didn’t wrinkle during my flight so much as I expected. Maybe the lining helps it a bit.


This a really lovely pattern. Simple but a little bit of twist. The side seams are brought to front a little bit, the hem is high-low and it also has a slight balloon shape. Love it! The sleeves fitted perfectly as well, this is usually when I struggle.


And I have three different lining :))) I wanted to use silk against my upper body, so I used one thrifted silk shirt for that. But it didn’t have enough length, so I lengthened it with a viscose lining I happened to have in my stash. But as it is not matching the outer fabric, it  showed  between the slits (I should have known that). As I didn’t want to take the dress apart and change the whole lining, I just cut off what was showing and replaced it with the dark lining 🙂 Nobody sees it except me and now you too.


So chronologically I go backwards now, because the next, failed cardigan, I completed even before the dress. Because it didn’t come out like I expected I was not going to blog it. But then I thought it is important to show also the things that go wrong to keep it real.

I wanted to make a cardigan with the similar fit of my store-bought cardigan:


I measured it, made a swatch and everything seemed to go perfect, but then the cardigan started to grow on its own. Really. It grows even when I am not wearing it 🙂 It is the perfect example of the wrong combination of yarn and stich pattern. I used Drops Alpaca and Brushed Alpaca Silk together. Neither of them have any stretch or hold and as the brioche is prone to stretch, it did, and a lot.


I wouldn’t say that I don’t like the cardigan. But it is too big to fit under my outerwear and even when I managed to squeeze my self and the cardigan into my winter coat, my arms looked like sausages and the feeling was not pleasant too. I have one jacket that could fit me with my cardigan in but there is another big flaw – the yarn (I blame the Brushed Alpaca silk) leaves hair everywhere! As my coat and jacket are dark and I hate operating with a lint roll, I know that I will never wear this cardigan with my coat or jacket.


I have to say that this cardigan is very soft and squishy and my children love it. They sometimes just hug it and sometimes they use it as blanket. So I decided to not rip it and keep it next to our sofa as a family cardigan/blanket. Fortunately our sofa is not dark.


And last but not least – my Reyna shawl. I knitted it from Juniper Moon Farm Findley yarn I bought as a souvenir from Vienna last year. I decided to knit a top down shawl to use up the whole skein. So I altered the pattern to fit the proportion.


I knitted it with 2,5 mm needles (I am a loose knitter) and it came out really flowy and drapey. I haven’t worn it yet though.


So that’s it. Congrats if you made it here 🙂 See you!