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When your sewing mojo comes back



Jakk 2018-1

So, my sewing mojo was lost a long time. During winter and early spring all I wanted to to is knit. I forced myself to make one dress for Paris, but I didn’t feel that excitement and joy sewing usually gives me. But I am old enough to know that times like these pass and when your sewing mojo or sewjo comes back, you have hardly time for sleep and eat 🙂

I am definitely better at sewing than blogging about it, but today I am going to share one portion of this sewing spree I have had.

Jakk 2018-5

Not in any particular order I am going to start with my jacket. I like to sew dresses, but I need more outerwear. One of my goals in sewing is to sew more things I really need and wear. So I went for Republique du Chiffon Nicole pattern. Obviously I skipped the quilting as I had quite thick cotton fabric I wanted to use. I didn’t want to line the jacket so I chose to finish the seams with bias binding. It took time but is so worth it! I like the jacket inside a lot more than the boring outside 🙂


Jakk 2018-6

According to my measurements I should have made size 36 but I wanted it to be a bit more snug and as I was omitting the batting and lining I thought I will make the size 34. It works fine. I also omitted all the curvy corners.

I liked the pattern, but it was unfortunate that they didn’t have illustrations or clear explanation on how to attach the sleeves. As the body do not have an armscye, there is a question how to handle the  seam allowances under the arm.

This jacket goes well with trousers but I am jet to find a patter for a jacket that goes well with dress!

Jakk 2018-7

Jakk 2018-4

I also made a dress for me. Although I do not need so many dresses as I wear trousers a lot more, I wanted something I could wear for a bit more formal events. Formal is very different to different people but this is how formal one freelancer is willing to go right now.

Kleit II 2018-5

The fabric is lovely Atelier Brunette Stardust Black double gauze. I think that their Stardust fabrics are the most beautiful polka dot fabrics in the world. The dots are placed so nicely, they do not have a geometric placing which usually kills the polka dot pattern for me. Even my husband, who is quite distant from fabric and sewing (who is my lovely photographer and do not tell me when the facing of neckline is peeking out because he does not notice such things but who marks my hemlines) instantly noticed “how beautiful dots” my dress have 🙂

Kleit II 2018-4

For the bodice I used my trusty old Burda Style 10/2011 dress nr 116 pattern. I don’t make the front seams but this is the only adjustment I make as this pattern fits me well and I use it all the time when I need this kind of bodice.

For the skirt part I used one width of the fabric and I also added pockets and lining.

Kleit II 2018-3

The fabric is the clear star in this dress and I am planning to purchase this in white and pink and …. and…. as well 🙂

Kleit II 2018-2

Next. I do need trousers that are not jeans. I mean, I do plan to make my own jeans as well, but I really would like to wear something else than jeans too. I am so glad that wide leg trousers feel in vogue again so I decided to use this lovely checked linen to make myself some trousers.

Püksid II 2018-9

I used Burda Style 06/2018 jumpsuit pattern. I added pockets, back darts, zipper and waistband. And I also lengthened the pattern as the jumpsuit is cropped.

Püksid II 2018-8Püksid II 2018-7Püksid II 2018-5

It is always good feeling when your two handmades go together well. I think that my trench-jacket goes well with these trousers.

Püksid II 2018-2

The one in our family who really do need new dresses is my daughter. She is growing so fast that last year making is already too small for her. But as she is 13 already, I do need to plan with her because she has her own taste and likings. She did not like any fabric I had in my stash (I cannot blame her, I didn’t either and that lead me to major destash) so we picked this Atelier Brunette Moonstone Pink fabric together (she really has a good taste!). We also picked the pattern together. I already had this Kalle Shirtdress pattern by Closet Case Patterns so that was easy. According to her measurements she is almost size 0 so that is what I traced. I also made a wearable muslin before cutting into this lovely fabric.

Kleit 2018-12Kleit 2018-11Kleit 2018-10Kleit 2018-9Kleit 2018-8Kleit 2018-6Kleit 2018-5

I also knitted her a cardigan to go with it 🙂 It is made of Katia recycled cotton/poly yarn and the yoke pattern is from Drops 150-7 Fox sweater and I have made one myself (link to blog in Estonian) too.

Kleit 2018-4Kleit 2018-3Kleit 2018-2Kleit 2018-1

And as mentioned before, I do want to make more trousers for myself, I jumped on the Lander-pant bandwagon. And I am loving them as everybody else who have made them!

Püksid 2018-I-7

I had to make a flat seat adjustment though. I didn’t think that flat seat is my issue but when I googled the wrinkles I had I decided that this is what needed. I used Style Arc tutorial. It made the situation better but not perfect. But right now it is good enough for me. And I love them anyway 🙂

Püksid 2018-I-6Püksid 2018-I-5Püksid 2018-I-3Püksid 2018-I-2

So that is it for today. I keep sewing 🙂

Püksid 2018-I-1