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As you have probably heard, this week is Fashion Revolution week. If you haven’t, then long story short – it is a movement to rise the awareness of the problems that fast fashion brings along and through this awareness make the fashion industry and consumers act consciously and ethically. They also encourage people to get involved too, for example ask “who made my clothes” or for example, make an #haulternative as an antidote to the YouTube hauls. I don’t make videos, but I would love to share some items that I have purchased from thrift stores and altered (or not).

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I bought this cashmere sweater from thrift store and it was bright green and grey striped and with two moth holes. So I dyed the sweater black, mended the holes and now I have a super-soft versatile black sweater in my wardrobe 🙂

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I bought this white silk shirt from thrift store years ago and it was in my box of upcycleable silk. As the fashion has changed a bit, I didn’t have to change it anymore and now I have a lovely 100% silk shirt. I couldn’t be happier!

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These jeans were originally from Zara, I also thrifted them and didn’t change anything. I had grey jeans in my list for long time and I was quite happy when I finally found them.

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This Nine West leather rucksack had and cracked handle and maybe it was donated because of that. I cut the handle and the bag looks quite new again!

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And finally, this leather jacket was long and belted when I found it from thrift store. It looked quite mumsy that way. But it was in very good condition and the leather is so soft. So I unpicked the zipper, cut the jacket shorter, sewed the shortened zip back and hemmed the jacket. I looks quite ok now. I plan to add ribbed cuffs as the sleeves are ever so slightly short and wide for my taste. But I have to find matching ribbing first.

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So that is my #haulternative. I enjoy that thrifting thing so much! 🙂 Also check out Erin from My Green Closet Youtube channel and FB!  She is my favourite 🙂